Headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio, with offices in Mason, Chillicothe, Delaware, and Springboro, Smith-Feike-Minton, Inc. (SFM) combines the objectivity of an independent insurance agency with the personal care and local knowledge to fully serve its customers. Serving clients in middle market business and personal lines, the team of insurance experts at SFM protect the security of the people who trust them, using innovative ideas to design plans that employ the best practices to the benefit of their clients. The producers at SFM form personalized partnerships, helping clients make educated choices and utilizing expertise gained from decades of experience in the field.

The mission of SFM is to operate as an Independent Insurance Agent, SFM Insurance, while maintaining the integrity and principles upon which our company has been built. To accomplish this, we must recognize that our businesses are people-oriented businesses. Therefore, our continued success is dependent upon meeting our responsibilities to several vitally important groups of people.

Our first responsibility is to our customers. We will provide them with the highest quality services and do it efficiently and enthusiastically.

Our ultimate responsibility is to our shareholders. We will strive to secure an optimum return on invested capital through steady profit, growth and prudential management.

We feel a deep, personal responsibility to our employees and sales associates. We seek to create and maintain an environment where every employee and sales associate is provided with the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential.

We are committed to honesty and professionalism in all relationships with our insurance companies. We evaluate our companies on the basis of quality, price, service and stability in the market place, and expect them to do the same of us.

We recognize community involvement as an important obligation and as a viable business objective. We will be responsible corporate citizens by actively supporting local community development efforts. This makes the community a better place for our employees to live and a better place for us to operate.

We believe in the free enterprise system and in the American democratic form of government under which this superior economic system has been permitted to flourish. We feel an incumbent responsibility to insure that our business operates at a reasonable profit. Profit provides opportunity for growth and job security. We believe growth is necessary to provide opportunities on an ever-increasing scale for our people. Therefore, we are dedicated to profitable growth-growth as a company-and growth as individuals.

The first written record of our agency's roots is that an agent, P. Perfect, wrote farm insurance on August 15, 1877. The policy was issued to R.F. McKay, the grandfather of Helen Skimming Feike. In 1888, Ben LeSourd purchased the agency and operated it from Xenia, Ohio, selling a portion of the business in 1903 to Charles S. Thomas who began his own agency. Mr. Thomas, called Dobin, was an employee of Ben LeSourd at the time of the purchase.

In 1920, a partnership was formed with Charles S. Thomas and Frank P. Leary. The agency became known as Thomas and Leary. In 1934 the agency was purchased by Frank P. Leary.

John M. Smith joined the agency as an employee of his uncle, Frank P. Leary, on July 1, 1941. The agency became known as the Leary Insurance Agency in 1953.

J. Stephen Smith joined the agency on May 1, 1965, as an employee of his father. In 1965, the agency purchased a portion of the Frank Skimming Agency. On January 1, 1967, the Leary Insurance Agency was incorporated.

The corporation purchased the Feike Insurance Agency on October 1, 1970, and became known as Smith-Feike, Inc. On October 1, 1974, the corporation purchased the insurance agency of Ora Foote and on November 1, 1976, purchased the agency of Harry Metzger Insurance.

Dale R. Minton merged his insurance agency into the corporation on September 1, 1979. The corporation's name is now Smith-Feike-Minton, Inc. On November 1, 1984, SFM purchased the Vandervort Insurance Agency, at which time both C. Ted Vandervort and C. Kent Vandervort joined the agency.

In 1988 two more agencies were added. The C.E. Bates Insurance Agency in Blanchester, Ohio was purchased on January 1, 1988. And on October 1, 1988, Vernon J. Hooper merged Hooper and Associates, Inc., with SFM to add experience in the life and health department.

The Charles C. Evans Agency of Chillicothe merged with SFM in 1992 with Robert C. Evans joining the agency. The Chillicothe office became our first branch office.

The mid 1990's brought the opening of our second branch office in the Montgomery area of Northern Cincinnati. In 1995 Yelton Insurance Agency of Blue Ash merged with SFM. 1997 brought the purchase of Share Insurance Agency from Hannah S. Share, who joined the agency in our Cincinnati office. On October 1, 1999, Sherry E. Barbosky merged her agency, the Burrell Insurance Agency, into the corporation forming the third branch office of SFM The Delaware branch serves the Delaware and Northern Columbus Area.